Commencement Bay is pleased to represent Natural Stone Veneers International, in the Tacoma Area. Based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Natural Stone Veneer’s produces a real stone product which is lighter, easier to install and ultimately less costly than traditional stone facings. The beautiful, durable natural stone veneer is produced with patented machinery, which cuts natural stone into slices of 1 to 1-1⁄2 inches in thickness. The aesthetics of real stone with less weight and bulk of full thickness stone.

Commencement Bay Construction Products is proud to offer Natural Stone Veneers International Products. Contact us for more information today by calling 253.572.3456 or filling out a Product Request Form.

  • Ledgestone
    Products from the Ledgestone Collection continue to be the most popular through-out the United States and abroad. Low-height quartzitic sandstone with random lengths is often chosen for more contemporary design and was specified for a 1950’s Frank Lloyd Wright style residential renovation in Cambridge, MA (as featured on This Old House). The products in the Ledgestone Collection are packaged for a tight-fit “drystacked” application, that is, assuming no mortar joints.
  •  Dimensional Ledgestone
    Dimensional Ledgestone is a contemporary collection of quartzitic sandstone portraying crisp, clean lines. These products are sawn to one or two heights with squared ends and designed for “tight fit” (drystacked), rapid installation.
  • Biltmore
    Biltmore is a timeless collection with an historically classic appearance. The collection consists of bedface stone cut in squares and rectangles with colors and textures that represent their unique geologic origin.
  • Tuscan
    Steeped in history and enduring charm, the Tuscan Collection draws countless admirers, and is a favorite among those seeking the perfect look for their dream home. The Tuscan Collection is often installed employing two different mortar joint finishes – a traditional edge-revealing raked finish, or an overgrout (full joints).  As such, please note that Sydney “Overgrout” is not a separate product.
  • Fieldstone
    With its broad spectrum of color, naturally rough-hewn fieldstone is collected from its original geologic deposits and transposed to its new architectural element.
  • Traditional
    The Traditional Collection consists of both tumbled and untumbled limestone and sandstone products in a variety of color and intensity. Some have more uniform heights, while others are intended for a 2 to 1 random-ashlar installation.
  • Dimensional
    The Dimensional Collection consists entirely of horizontal material incorporating specific heights to achieve an orderly, more formal appearance. Stone heights range from 2-1/4″ – 13-1/4″.
  • Mosaic
    Rich in texture, the irregular shapes in our Mosaic Collection consist of soothing earthtones, blues, and grays. Stones are provided in random form with sizes up to 16″ across.
  • Old World
    The Old World Collection yields a rustic feathered finish. It lends a solid and grounded feel while utilizing a rhythmic, moving pattern to add softness, yet interest, to the finished project.
  • Stone Jewel
    The versatile Stone Jewel Collection represents dimensional interior and exterior products, quarried from travertine deposits and pre-cut to the classic Roman pattern. They can be installed both vertically and horizontally.
  • Blends
    Blends are when we use multiple colors from a collection or pull from multiple collections to create a unique look for a project.



Natural Stone Veneers International