Plaster & Stucco

When it comes to Plaster, Stucco or EIFS; Commencement Bay has you covered. We are one of the PNW largest suppliers and should be your first choice for products and tools. We cater to both professional’s and homeowners.

Plaster Products

Commencement Bay distributes all the basic varieties of United States Gypsum’s Interior Plaster products and is proud to be among USG’s oldest customers in North America.

Stucco Products

Commencement Bay sells a variety of packaged Stucco Products, as well as the traditional pile of sand; accompanied by sacks of cement and lime. We stock a complete line of Lath, Wire and Trim items which can be found on our “Lath and Trim” page.

Lath & Trim

Commencement Bay carries the Northwest’s most extensive inventory of lath, wire, and trim products, from the basic items to the more exotic Aluminum, Vinyl and Zinc trims that are typically hard to find. If we don’t happen to have it in stock, our sales and purchasing staff won’t have a problem with placing a special order for you, since we deal with the nation’s largest suppliers of these products on a regular basis.

EIFS Dryvit Systems

Dryvit Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of Outsulation® systems and the company that spawned the highly-successful Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) industry in North America in 1969.

EIFS Accessories

Commencement Bay is proud to distribute Dryvit EIFS and Wall System products. In addition to EIFS, Dryvit provides details and produces products for creating Stucco walls with improved performance and finishes, as well as Direct Applied systems (DEFS) for use over cement board assemblies. Commencement Bay and Dryvit have provided these materials for hundreds of successfully completed projects throughout Western Washington and Alaska.

USG Industrial Casting Plaster

The Industrial Products Division of United States Gypsum Company provides high-quality products for use in a wide range of applications. A century of specialized experience, combined with USG’s state-of-the-art research facilities, ensures innovative, versatile products that meet your needs. Commencement Bay’s product assortment of Industrial Casting Plasters (ICP) includes Gypsum Plasters and Cements used for; Dental and Prosthetic moldings, Art, Statuary, Ceramics, Architectural Ornamentation and for Tooling and Prototyping.

Plaster and Stucco Specialty Products

Commencement Bay supplies all the major plaster and stucco products; in addition to many of the hard to find specialty or miscellaneous products that go along with doing a job right. From admixes that modify the performance of plaster and stucco to the mesh that repairs a badly cracked and damaged wall; we have the products that are necessary to complete your project. If you are not located in the Tacoma area; many of these products can be easily shipped to your location.