Plaster and Stucco Specialty Products

Commencement Bay supplies all the major plaster and stucco products; in addition to many of the hard to find specialty or miscellaneous products that go along with doing a job right. From admixes that modify the performance of plaster and stucco to the mesh that repairs a badly cracked and damaged wall; we have the products that are necessary to complete your project. If you are not located in the Tacoma area; many of these products can be easily shipped to your location.

Larsen Weld-Crete

The original chemical concrete bonding agent, Weld-Crete® incorporates polyvinyl acetate homopolymer in a patented formulation. Bonds new concrete, stucco, tile setting beds and terrazzo to any structurally sound surface, interior…

Larsen Plaster-Weld

Plaster-Weld® bonds new plaster to any clean, structurally sound, interior surface. The original chemical plaster bonding agent is a patented formulation incorporating polyvinyl acetate homopolymer. Intended for Interior use only.

Propex Plaster & Stucco Admixes

Fibercast 500 by Propex, micro-reinforcement system for concrete, precast and stucco. Made from 100 percent virgin homopolymer alkali resistant polypropylene fibers. Usage results in reduced plastic shrinkage cracking in addition…

BASF Masterair AE 90

Masterair AE 90 air-entraining admixture is for use in Portland Cement mixtures.AE 90 improves plasticity and workability, while reducing permeability and increasing water tightness.

USG Plaster Retarders

USG Plaster Retarders slow down the chemical crystal formation that causes gypsum plaster to set or harden, allowing more time to complete each job. They are easy to use, dispersing…

Plaster Veneer Tape

FibaTape® Veneer Plaster Tape is designed with a wider profile for easy workability to achieve a superior finish, and works on a variety of custom plaster finishes, from ultra smooth…

Dry Wall Tape

BEADEX drywall joint tape is a strong, cross-fibered tape designed for use with USG Joint Compounds to reinforce joints and corners in gypsum drywall interiors. It is also recommended for…

Butt Strips (Furring Strips)

Fortifiber’s economic Furring Strips will fine-tune the job in nothing flat, correcting bowed studs and other common framing issues.

Drywall Repair Mesh

Super Crackstop™ wall repair fabrics are easy-to-use products that allow you to permanently repair and restore damaged walls. All repair products are self-adhesive for easy application.