Superior Water Barrier Systems for Homes and Commercial Construction

Build in durability and energy efficiency with Tyvek® weather barriers that help keep air and water out, and let buildings breathe. A superior air and water barrier is an integral part of a home that’s built for lasting comfort and energy efficiency. DuPontBuilding Envelope systems help control airflow through walls, while holding out bulk water, and allowing moisture vapor to escape.

Our integrated family of products, starting with DuPontTM Tyvek®, weather barriers, are backed by sophisticated building science that delivers superior performance, from UV resistance to vapor permeability. They are rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry performance standards and building and energy codes, and are backed by a limited warranty.


Water & Air Barrier Systems – Commercial Construction

Keep air and water out, and energy costs down, with DuPont Building Envelope systems for commercial construction. Commercial buildings are a long-term investment that demands short-term ROI. In the U.S., buildings use 40% of all energy consumed. So the right building envelope, including the water and air barrier, is essential.

Tyvek® Fluid Applied System

Help office buildings, warehouses and big-box stores weather the elements over the long haul.

Tyvek Dupont