Wire Bond was established in 1975. They have locations in Charlotte and Memphis and they are a family based business and are proud to offer innovative products made in the USA. Commencement Bay Carries Wire-Bond’s product line.



RJ-711 Adjustable Veneer Anchor

RJ 711 adjustable veneer anchor (#2401) with a 3/16″ dia. pintle (#2402) meets the Brick Institute of America’s requirement of a maximum deflection of less than .05 inches (1.2mm) when tested at an axial load of 100 pounds in tension and compression. Extensive test results available upon request.

Pintle adjustments are maximum of 1-1/4″ up or down and prevent in-and-out movement beyond allowable tolerances.

Veneer can be reinforced with optional Wire-Bond welded seismic clip and 9gauge or 3/16″ diameter continuous wire.