For over 25 years, Fero Corporation has been providing masonry reinforcement systems and solutions for the global construction industry, meeting or exceeding established standards councils’ specifications on engineered masonry products and services. Fero maintains a deep-rooted approach to reducing cost, reducing material requirements and simplifying the application process of our products. Some of the products require only one trade to apply. Many of the connectors, anchors and ties are original patents that have been tested in complete assemblies in Fero’s facilities. Commencement Bay is proud to offer Fero Corporation products.

 Fero’s Slotted Rap Tie transfers tensile and compressive lateral loads to the stud backing. The L-shaped Plate is fastened to the facing surface of the structural backing, which may be steel, wood, or miscellaneous metal. The V-Tie is inserted into the slot and allows 2 inches of vertical play to align with the grout bed. After set-up the V-Tie providing a constant connection of the veneer wall to the structural backing without any risk of veneer disengagement.

Fero’s Break-Away Fire-Release Joist Connectors allow roof and floor collapse without compromising the firewall’s integrity.




Fero Corp