Construction Tie Products (CTP) Inc. was founded in 2005 by Stephen H. Getz. Having over 30 years of building and restoration experience, he has established a product line that positions CTP as the premier producer and supplier of masonry restoration anchors and services in North America.

Located in Northwest Indiana, CTP, Inc. is an American company producing and stocking their products in the United States. Their masonry anchoring experience is unmatched by any other company in North America. The vision of CTP, Inc. is to supply, to the masonry and building restoration market place, quality products and services that are functionally cutting edge in technology and provide superior performance characteristics. Commencement Bay is proud to offer the CTP product line.

Re-Anchor Existing Veneers to Back-Up Structures with Strength 

· Existing façades constructed of brick, stone, masonry, pre-cast concrete, etc. that have wall ties missing or corroded, can be re-attached using CTP Stitch-Ties.

· Reconnect veneer to block, concrete, brick and wood structures without exposed hardware

· Useful to repair cracked brick veneers via reinforcing distressed sections by horizontally pointing the CTP Stitch-Tie in the bed joint Crack Repair


The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket system is installed from the interior of the structure. It is an alternative to existing veneer re-anchoring methods which involve exterior hole drilling, mortar patch matching, and costly scaffolding expense.   The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket is ideally suited for reconnecting the exterior masonry skin from the interior structure during remodeling, build-outs, or basic building renovation.

The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket is a façade re-anchoring system and economical solution to fortify and stiffen existing veneers from the parent structure.   It is easy to install and operates via mechanical connections.   The CTP Façade-Tie Bracket is manufactured of corrosion resistant materials for long term durability. As an example, Type 304 stainless steel is an excellent selection for timber connections; whereas the hot dipped galvanized bracket is suitable for galvanized steel studs.   It can be attached to the interior structure via dual screw fasteners manufactured of compatible materials that transfer veneer live loading to the building via shear, This reliable load transfer is as a result of the brackets split plate interface connection.

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