Hohmann & Barnard, Inc was founded in New York City, NY by Herman Hohmann in March of 1933. The company serves both the Commercial/Institutional markets and the Residential market as the leading developer and distributor of reinforcement, anchoring and air barrier systems for masonry. Hohmann & Barnard’s joint reinforcement products have long proven to be necessary for superior performance in masonry wall construction.

Sponge & Poly Expansion Joint Fillers

NS – Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge is placed horizontally beneath relieving angle, or in the vertical expansion joint to act as a control joint. Also, available in expanded polyethylene.

  • Also prevents clogging of expansion joint with mortar
  • Conforms to ASTM D 1056 Grade 2A1


PVC Control Joint


VS Series – PVC Control Joint, is a complete line of polyvinyl chloride control joints suitable for various wall conditions.


VS-12 (11 1/8″)

VS-8 (6 7/8″)

VS-Standard (2 5/8″)

VS-TEE (2 5/8″)


220 Ladder Mesh

220 Ladder Mesh Reinforcement’s cross rods are spaced so block cells are not obstructed, allowing easy placement of vertical rebars.




270-2X Ladder Eye-Wire

270-2X Ladder Eye-Wire is a ladder style adjustable joint reinforcement with eyes and the NEW 2X-Hook.

  • The embedded portion of the 2X-Hook is 3/16”DIA round wire, satisfying the code requirement that the mortar bed thickness (typically 3/8”) must be twice the diameter of the wire.
  • 2X-Hook: U.S. Pat. No. 8,613,175 Test results available upon request.







  Rebar Positioners







RB Rebar Positioners position two rebar in center of block, the simple Z-shaped wire bridges the cell of the block while bends rest on the shell. **Also, available in double loop for four bars. (See Pics Below)


  • 9 gauge wire
  • Available for 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ block

**Also, available in double loop for four bars.













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