Built more than 100 years ago, Superior Clay Corporation’s plant has been in continuous operation ever since. Located just a mile from where Stillwater Creek joins the Tuscarawas River, Superior Clay is well known for a wide variety of high quality products made from local clays. Commencement Bay is proud to offer Superior Clay Corporation’s line of exceptional products.

Superior Clay Catalog – Click to see Catalog!

Rumford Fireplaces  – Click to see Rumford Fireplace Options!

The Rumford Fireplace is tall and shallow with steeply angled side walls and an elegant, curved throat.
They are easy to install using Superior Clay’s line of Rumford components, backed by our excellent technical support.

Brick Masonry Ovens –  Click to see Brick Masonry Ovens!
Baking purists know there is no substitute for these ovens made of brick.
Now you can have a traditional brick oven in your home or backyard.
Superior Clay Corp