Concrete Products

Commencement Bay is proud to offer a large selection of cleaners, sealants and other concrete related products.

Concrete Repair

Concrete cracks for a number of reasons like environmental, rapid moisture loss and the natural process of shrinking. We have a wide variety of products to fix the appearance, durability and strength of concrete.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Cleaning concrete periodically and keeping it sealed are key components to extending the life of a concrete surface and enhancing its beauty. We carry a number of product lines from several manufacturers to address your cleaning and sealing needs.

Colored, Decorative & Polished

Colored, decorative and polished concrete pushes past the normal grey and transforms it into an attractive decorative element. Concrete may be customized to meet any décor or architectural style with the use of a variety of product lines and applications.

Sacked Premixes

Contractors and homeowners regularly find themselves in need of premix products that are typically mixed from scratch in large batches or delivered to job sites in large volumes. Commencement Bay carries the most popular of these materials, as well as, some of the more difficult to find specialty premixes.