Building Materials

Commencement Bay carries a wide variety of building materials. Need rebar, mortar color or Polyfilm for your next project? Look here.

Sacked Premixes

Contractors and homeowners regularly find themselves in need of premix products that are typically mixed from scratch in large batches or delivered to jobsites in large volumes. Commencement Bay carries the most popular of these materials, as well as, some of the more difficult to find specialty premixes.

Cement Board, Building Paper, Flashing, Polyfilm & Tape

Our Miscellaneous Building Materials section is an assemblage of products for our many Plaster, Stucco and Drywall customers. These products include; Polyfilm, Water Wick and a large assortment of various Masking and Protective Tapes.


Fasteners are an important piece of any construction project. Commencement Bay carries a variety of manufacturers and offers a complete line of corrosive resistant, high quality, stainless steel and hot dipped galvanized fasteners which meet the demands of the quality conscious end user.

Concrete Expansion Joint

Concrete joints are used to compensate when concrete expands or shrinks with changes in temperature. The pre-planned joints provide a better finished concrete product. Sometimes because of the material,width or span of the joint a concrete expansion joint is required. This helps improve the performance of the material and allow the materials to expand/contract or move without damaging other structures.