Yankee Hill Brick was incorporated in 1902 as the Yankee Hill Brick Manufacturing Company with principle stockholders – Sumner Burnham and W.H. Ferguson. A few miles from Yankee Hill Brick we mine clay using large backhoes, dozers, and diesel trucks. We segregate the clay, which is from the 100 million-year-old Dakota formation, into several colors. From the same pits we also recover sand, essential to the process.

When architects think Yankee Hill Brick, they think color. Comments like, “We knew exactly what color we wanted. And that’s exactly what we got” are typical. Our color blending capability is unsurpassed in the industry. You can choose as few as 10% of one type brick blended seamlessly with as many as four others. This gives architects a choice of colors far beyond the ordinary.

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Yankee Hill products:

Yankee Hill Brick