Pacific Clay Products has continually expanded to meet the needs of its customers, and in 1996 completed construction of a state-of-the-art brick production facility. Our present facility is the largest in the west. The new plant can burn brick in 14 hours, compared to 35 hours in a traditional plant, and can produce 40,000,000 bricks per year. Along with many historic “ceramic firsts”, such as double-bullnose, mini-brick, ruffled-texture and others, Pacific Clay continues to meet the needs of its customers by creating innovative brick designs and colors. Pacific Clay remains the dominant supplier of clay products in Southern California, and on fine architectural jobs across the country. Commencement Bay Construction Products is proud to offer the full line of Pacific Clay Products. Contact us for more information today by calling 253.572.3456 or filling out a Product Request Form.

Pacific Clay Products:


Bear Path Paver
Full 4×8 Paver
Modular Paver
Modular Split Paver
Combo Paver
Common Paver
Common Split Paver
Primero Paver
Primero Split Paver
Mission Paver
Norman Paver
Jumbo Paver
Oversized Paver
Padre Brick
Traveler Paver
Alberhill Paver
Face Brick:
Modular Face Brick
Americana Face Brick
Armada Face Brick
Western Ridge Series Face Brick
Raked Cored Face Brick
Padre Face Brick
Thin Brick:
Coastal Series Thin Brick
Modular Thin Brick
Closure Thin Brick
American Thin
Clay Primero Thin Brick
Western Ridge Series Thin Brick
Vernazza Bullnose
Single Bullnose
Double Bullnose
Texas Bullnose
Pro Finish Bullnose
Safety Grip Bullnose
Retrofit Bullnose
Capella Wallcaps
Plano Wallcaps
Glazed Brick:
Glazed Thin Brick



Pacific Clay Products